Submission Guidelines

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 CORN Writing Guide & Submission Requirements
December 2014

Email your writing to asif.farooq [at] or scott.mcknight [at]
Please follow the guidelines for submission.


When submitting your article, you should include the following:

  • A somewhat catchy title, followed by “teaser” of one to two sentences, and sub-headings (see Section 2)
  • An intriguing photo (in .jpeg format) relating to the article’s content with photo’s source
  • Key terms (3-5) (see Section 2)
  • “Embed” links (To do this: Highlight the word(s) in the article, then under the “Insert” tab, scroll to the bottom to “Hyperlink”; copy and paste the specific web address)
  • Footnotes (see Section 4 on CORN’s Plagiarism & Citation policy)
  • A Bio of 30-60 words on your current position, affiliation, and research interests
  • The author’s headshot (in .jpeg format)


Our audience includes China scholars and those broadly interested in Chinese politics, economy and foreign affairs. These readers are:

  • busy—and so want brief, concise analysis with some form of “value added”
  • sometimes new to the subjects we are writing about—and so don’t want to be overwhelmed by overly academic or specialist terminology
  • sometimes not native speakers of English—and so want content in clear, jargon-free English
  • sceptical about whether the information they’re receiving about China is accurate—and so want issues presented in relatively objective ways

We aim to publish analytical pieces that are:

  • concise
  • straightforward
  • written in clear, non-technical English
  • timely and topical

We are not:

  • writing for an exclusively academic audience
  • writing only for China experts
  • writing for an exclusively native English-speaking audience
  • aiming to produce the most definitive account of events possible


  • ARGUMENT: this need not be a strict and rigid “thesis statement”, but the analysis must be organized around a central argument (or several arguments), which the author presents in the introduction and reiterates in the conclusion. It can also be mentioned in the “teaser” (see above) if the author so wishes.
  • TITLE: short, “catchy” phrase relating to the topic
  • TEASER: just beneath the heading; this should be two or maximum three sentences long, summarizing the basic content of the analysis
  • SUB-HEADINGS: should be included to organize the content of the analysis, help guide the reader, and break down arguments into “bite-sized” pieces


  • How long should the analysis be? Minimum of 1,000 words, maximum of 1,600 words.
  • What topics can I write about? Anything penetrating or “adding value” to discussions of China’s politics, economy, or foreign affairs. It need not exclusively be a topic “in the news”, but may be history-related if adding value.
  • If accepted, how long before it is posted online? This depends because the analysis will need to go through several edits and reviews from members of the editorial team. However, because CORN is interested in publishing timely and topical accounts, we aim to post the analysis within 3-5 weeks of submission.

For any other questions, feel free to contact us at asif.farooq [at] or scott.mcknight [at]


Plagiarism is the act of claiming original authorship of someone else’s written work—in whole or in part or—by incorporating it into one’s own writing without adequate acknowledgement.

Articles on CORN often contain material from other published sources. When you use material from other sources, you must acknowledge them in a footnote or in the hyperlink. All quotes must be cited in the footnotes or “embedded” with links. Simply put, you must always acknowledge the use of other people’s material. When in doubt, cite.

To download the submission guidelines, CORN Writing Guide.

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