Chinese Faculty Members

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Although CORN’s primary goal is to build a network of PhD students and candidates, and post-doctoral students, doing research on China, we also like to establish contacts with faculty members within and outside China. Here is a list of Chinese faculty members (by alphabetical order based on their family name) from around the world who are also part of the CORN community.

Wei SHEN PhD LLM MA FRGS 沈伟 博士/教授
Associate Dean for China & Jean Monnet Chair Professor, ESSCA School of Management
法国ESSCA高等商学院(昂热/巴黎/布达佩斯/上海) 副校长 / 欧盟让-莫内讲席教授Vice-President, EU-Asia Centre / Research Associate, French Institute of International Relations (ifri)
Email: wei.shen [at]
Coordinator for UACES Collaborative Research Network on EU-China Relations
Founding Co-Chair for the Alliance of Chinese and European Business Schools (ACE)


Ping Su
Assistant Professor
Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Research Interest: Polar and Ocean Policy
Contact: sping612 [at]


Jinghao Zhou
Associate Professor
Hobart and William Smith Colleges, NY, USA.
Contact: zhou [at]

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