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On 4 Feb 2016, Thursday, we launch “Moving Forward: Issues in Canada-China Relations”, a policy report written by 15 academics from 8 universities.

The work examines broader issues with analytical depth as well as investigates specific issues, embodying a new approach that is more focused, strategic but cautious enough to consider the inevitable associated challenges in Canada-China relations. This launch event includes presentations by the authors, and discussions promising an intellectual but frank insight on Canada-China relations, including health cooperation, bilateral investments, youth and people-to-people engagements, and geopolitical disputes.

China Open Research Network (CORN) ( at the Dept. of Political Science invites you to attend the launch event and participate in this important policy conversation. Please see the attached program of the event.

PDF: Moving Forward Poster and Program

Moving Forward

For the launch event, see the attached program and the link:

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