CORN’s New Project: ‘Moving Forward’

We are delighted to share about the publication project ‘Moving Forward: 45 Years of Canada-China Relations’, which is headed by David Mulroney (the former Canadian ambassador to China) and Professor Joseph Wong (Director, Asian Institute). 
This policy-oriented publication will feature articles written by Paul Evans (UBC), Wendy Dobson (Rotman, Toronto), David Welch (BSIA, Waterloo), Gregory Chin (York), Lynette Ong (Toronto), Jeremy Paltiel (Carleton), Pascale Massot (Ottawa), David Zakus (Ryerson), Pittman Potter (UBC), Scott Mcknight (Toronto), Anton Malikin (BSIA, Waterloo), Linting Zhang (UBC), James Flynn (Toronto) and Wayne Zhu (Toronto). It will also include a foreword and conclusion by David Mulroney and Joseph Wong. 
The publication is sponsored by the Asian Institute and managed by Asif Farooq and Scott Mcknight, the managing editors of the China Open Research Network (CORN) in the Department of Political Science, University of Toronto.
This publication will help guide Canadian policymakers in better understanding Canada’s role in regards to bilateral and multilateral issues with China. It will be available in hardcopies and online .
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