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Alanna Krolikowski is a Princeton-Harvard China and the World postdoctoral fellow at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard.  She is currently revising a book manuscript on China-U.S. trade and industrial collaboration in civil-commercial aircraft and spacecraft manufacture.  Dr. Krolikowski has shared the results of her research in journal articles, book chapters, testimony for the U.S. Congressional record, research briefs, and conference presentations.  Before obtaining her MA in international relations and a PhD in political science from the University of Toronto, Dr. Krolikowski completed a Bachelor of Arts in international development and political science at McGill University.

Email Contact:  alannakrolikowski[at]fas.harvard.edu  and  alanna.krolikowski[at]gmail.com


Twitter:  @AK_Alanna
Works in Progress and Published:
In progress “China in international space exploration missions: The national space policy community and prospects for partnership.”  Revisions in progress.“Trade and Security in High Technology:  How specialist cultures matter in China-U.S. relations in civil commercial air and space.” Draft in progress.China and the United States in Civil-Commercial Air and Space: Specialist cultures and international relations in high-technology sectors.  Book manuscript in progress.


“State Personhood in Ontological Security Theories of International Relations,” Chinese Journal of International Politics 2 (2008): 109-133.

“Commercial On-Orbit Satellite Servicing:  Emerging Policy Considerations” (with Emmanuelle David), New Space Journal  1: 1 (2013): 1-14.

Contributions to edited volumes and other

“China’s Defense Aviation Industry: AVIC’s Innovation Strategies and Challenges” (with Michael Raska).  Contribution to a volume edited by Tai Ming Cheung.  Forthcoming 2015.

“The Highest Secret: Research, Development, and Acquisition in the Beidou Navigation Satellite Programs” (with Kevin Pollpeter and Patrick Besha).  Accepted for publication in a volume edited by Tai Ming Cheung and Kevin Pollpeter (Title TBC) and to be published by the Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of California, San Diego.  Forthcoming 2015.

“Policy Brief 2014-7: The Research, Development, and Acquisition Process for the Beidou Navigation Satellite Programs” (with Kevin Pollpeter and Patrick Besha) in Getting to Innovation: Assessing China’s Defense Research, Development, and Acquisitions System, Kevin Pollpeter, ed. (La Jolla, CA: University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, 2014 ): 57-61.

“China’s Military Aviation Industry: In Search of Innovation” (with Michael Raska).  Research brief 2013-5, Study of Innovation and Technology in China Project (San Diego, CA: Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation, 2013): 37-39.

“In different orbits?  China is steadily forging ties with other countries’ space programs – except the U.S.”AmCham China Brief  20, no. 1 (2012): 8-10.

“Leveraging Commercial Air and Space: How China’s Industries Seek, Find and Create New Opportunities Abroad,” in China and the United States: New Scholarship on the Intersection of Trade, Nonproliferation and Security, eds. Gary Bertsch and Zhu Liqun (Beijing, China: Institute of International Relations, China Foreign Affairs University, 2011): 361-383.

“Enhancing U.S.-China Relations in Space” (with John Logsdon). China-U.S. Focus. (2011, online).

“Kazakhstan and Xinjiang: A Discussion of Competing Explanations,” in Revolution or Evolution?  Emerging Security Threats in the 21st Century (Halifax, NS: Dalhousie University Centre for Foreign Policy Studies Press, 2006): 139-166

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